creating healthier places in which to learn


In partnership with local departments of education, WITS operates the Cook for Kids programs in public school cafeterias and classrooms to promote healthy eating and combat childhood obesity.

WITS trains culinary school graduates, who partner with cafeteria staff to prepare daily scratch-cooked meals and educate families about the importance of eating healthy food. Through our WITS Labs and WITS BITS, a series of seasonal cooking and nutrition classes, WITS Chefs also teach children and their families how to prepare healthy, delicious, and affordable recipes using whole, unprocessed foods.

As a member of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools planning team, WITS recognizes the importance of engaging the culinary community and partners with local chefs and restaurants to lead special events, act as wellness ambassadors and inspire students.

"I want everyone involved in Monday's Wellness Cafe Day lunch to know what a huge success it was with my kids, who are truly super duper particular, scared of new food eaters! My daughter Ella now is requesting school lunch b/c she loves it so much."
-Lisa, PS87 parent