creating healthier places in which to learn


In Coach for Kids WITS utilizes trained coaches to work with students on public school recess yards. WITS Coaches transform recess from a time of sedentary socializing to a time for activity and teamwork, which helps students offset the deskbound time spent in class and teaches them to negotiate, share, and solve problems as a group.
As a compliment to the Cook for Kids Café Days, WITS Coaches partner with sports, health, and fitness experts (Fitness Partners) to create special Play Days for students, where Fitness Partners show off their unique skill sets by leading students in special games and activities. Students are further empowered and supported during recess by WITS’ anti-bullying initiatives. These initiatives are an active part of both recess and class time and are emphasized in our elective class, “Power Play”. Coach for Kids teaches students to exercise in a safe and fun way, to work together in teams and to develop pro-social behaviors that help them navigate the social and emotional landscape of school.
Despite CDC recommendations that children participate in at least 60 minutes of activity each day to stay healthy, many public schools have severely reduced opportunities for students to exercise. Coach for Kids helps students come closer to meeting the CDC’s activity benchmark by focusing recess time on games and engaging exercises.
"One of our priorities is to provide our students with opportunities to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, particularly through physical activity. That is why I was so happy to learn about Wellness in the Schools and their “Coach for Kids” model of providing activity coaches during the school day. Our schools are very excited to have a WITS coach and can’t wait to begin. "

- Dr. John DiFiore  Director, Physical Education, Health & Wellness District 88, Alternate Learning Centers