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The Coach for Kids program brings trained coaches onto public school recess yards to encourage even the least active children to engage in fun and healthy physical activities. Coach for Kids actively combats schoolyard bullying by building positive social skills through play and fosters a sense of excitement around fitness. Despite CDC recommendations that children participate in at least 60 minutes of activity each day to stay healthy, many public schools have severely reduced opportunities for students to exercise. Coach for Kids helps students come closer to meeting the CDC’s activity benchmark by focusing recess time on games and engaging exercises.

"One of our priorities is to provide our students with opportunities to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, particularly through physical activity. That is why I was so happy to learn about Wellness in the Schools and their “Coach for Kids” model of providing activity coaches during the school day. Our schools are very excited to have a WITS coach and can’t wait to begin. "

- Dr. John DiFiore  Director, Physical Education, Health & Wellness District 88, Alternate Learning Centers